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Kind words from our clients, guests, and vendors.  Click on the photos to view the blog post.  Also see more reviews on our Facebook page

calgary wedding photographer timeless classic elegance
testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"Oh my gosh Rara!!! Those photos on the blog are beautiful!!! I literally had tears of joy)! ;) with what you captured!  Thank you so much for being a part of our day and for capturing it with such artistry!  Simply stunning!"

Allie & Sean

testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer
testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer
testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"We loved the pictures, I can't wait to print them out and the hardest part will be choosing which ones to print first. I'm so thankful you took the time to photograph our wedding, and the fun parts were all photographed even better than I had hoped. I will definitely recommend you in the future, it's been a great experience :)!"



Tanya & Nick

testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"Hi Rara!  Just want to thank you again for everything.  Everyone at the wedding was raving about your skills and how lovely the photos were.  Happy new year!" 

Charlotte & Leigh

"I can not begin to say enough wonderful things! THANK YOU RARAA! You were absolutely lovely to work with, and what amazing work on these pictures. On behalf of myself and my family Thank you so much -You made us all look beautiful!"



Holly & Stan

"Good morning!!  Thank you so much.  The pictures are beautiful and EXACTLY what we wanted.  Could not be happier!" 

Jill & Jason

"It was such a privilege for me and family to get the chance being photographed by you. Although it was your first time being a family photographer, you nailed it !


We got a different experience; we usually posed and our poses are directed by the photographer. But with you, it was a real fun session.


My kids can just play and run and you captured the moments and emotions. The results are all amazing!


Best of luck my bestfriend. You are a super talented photographer!



"We feel very lucky to have found photographer as skilful as Rara. Her talent is truly shines through the camera lens, combined with her quick finger,  she able to really capture moments as it is.


As natural as the emotions flowing during the event, she grabbed the whole aspects of particular moment and effortlessly put it in a frame beautifully.

The result is amazing and natural, because most pictures taken in neither staged nor posed situation. She is easy going, professional, and open for bouncing ideas and suggestions. We both are very comfortable and had so much fun working with her.


Now that we both are watching the end result of every single shot she took. Each one of those pictures really brings us back to not only what it looked like, but also reminds us to whatever emotion we felt at the particular moment.


Her pictures makes us relive the beautiful moment once more. We are more than just a happy and satisfied client."


Anna & Jimmy

Riley Park Patrick Burns Garden Wedding

"... She captured the moments. I think that's how I described her work. All the expressions, the feelings and the love that we shared in our family were beautifully captured through her lens.  

She was really patient with babies and kids. She did whatever she could to make them laugh and comfortable, and hence create a beautiful moments to be captured. She also directed my six years old daughter to pose, and brought out her most beautiful smile :)

Her shots were natural, calm and classic; the shots that will definitely last over a period of time. She can create a very classy picture from a very simple and ordinary thing. In one of her shots when my daughter was playing the piano, my house really looked so elegant and huge; that made me and my husband wonder what magic did she put to our house. She was fantastic!

Raraaphoto is an outstanding photographer and always gives her best to capture the highest quality of a picture. She really knows what to do to fulfill her client's high expectation. Once again, thank you very much Raraaphoto for your time and incredible work. I am indeed a very satisfied customer!!"


Senda & Iwan

"Absolutely love the pictures!  You did an amazing job.  You cannot do anything about the old age, my messy hair and back fat so with what you had to work with you certainly worked your magic.  So very grateful that we will have some beautiful pictures to display at our reception on the 20th."


Rhonda & Wayne

testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"Just want to say THANK YOU Rara!!  We received the wonderful package today and it was a treat to look through all of the photos and remember the day!  I cannot believe how fast you got them back to us and you did a phenomenal job.  Thank you so much :)  I am so happy you were part of the day!!" 

Georgia & Brian

"Wow, you are quick. Usually I wait around a month or two for photos, and you are done in just 2 days. Impressive :)!"

Linda J Sahoo

Make up Artist

"Thank you Rara!!! It looks so amazing!! Thank you for your kind written words - we just love the way you captured our day!  Thank you again for sharing your talent with us - you have so surpassed our wildest expectations that we cannot contain our excitement!!" 

Stacey & Ryan

"We've received the USB key and the photos look fantastic! We're so happy that you captured our day for us and are so grateful for the hard work you put into our photos!"



Evanna & Daryl

"Wow, this is amazing...  Thank you so much, Rara.  You made our day so special.  I simply loved your work and so did Aalya and everyone who has seen the pics and the video till now.  You captured the memories very well."



Aalya & Junaid

"Rara, you took the pictures beautifully not only by viewing the objects from your eyes through the lenses of the camera, but also from your heart with deepest sensibility. Please continue the great work because there are many beautiful places and moments in this world that need to be captured by your senses."

Finel & Eric

Same Sex Wedding Calgary Photographer, Lesbian Wedding Calgary Photographer, LGBT Wedding Photographer

"Hey Rara,

We just wanted to say thank you for the absolutely wonderful wedding photos.  That is the most unbelieveable photo album... it's absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much!



Kelly & Monique

testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"Rara: Monika hasn’t seen the pics yet.I just can’t believe how nice they are: Stunning! All of them. My brother in law who never comments was telling Grant he’s never seen a more beautiful bride.That pic you have of her with at Lynda’s table with the candle in front of her is a stunner. Appreciate everything.!" - Cindy - Troy's mother

Monika & Troy

Lougheed House Wedding Venue Calgary

"I am completely gobsmacked by your talent! Thank you! Thank you! Occasionally, I'm asked for the names of photographers ... you're going to the top of the list! I really hope we meet again either in my home or outside in the fresh air of a park or riverside location. Cheers to your vision and talent!


Lynda Halliday, Wedding Commissioner

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testimonial affordable timeless calgary wedding photographer

"All I have to say is OMG!!!



I am so excited about these!!!!!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"




Abaigeal & Darren

Fairmont Macdonald Edmonton Wedding Venue Photographer
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