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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photography Cancellation/Rescheduling/Refund Policy During COV

The current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and around the globe, many people from all walks of life have been impacted. Weddings are hit hard, with social-distancing and/or lockdown measures causing wedding postponements/cancellations.

I am more than happy to work with my couples on alternative arrangements during this difficult time. Please find below Raraa Photography's policies for weddings in 2020:

Rescheduling/Postponement of Wedding Date

* no extra fees to postpone/reschedule (max until 31 December 2022) - so you have more than 2 years to reschedule and you keep the same price without any increase! :D

* if the new date happens to already be booked by another couple, your deposit will be refunded at 100%

* please actively communicate with your vendors before booking a new date. If the new date is booked without consulting with Raraa Photography, you will forfeit the deposit

Cancellation of Wedding

* The deposit will not be refunded (in line with the signed contract)

Please contact me via email (also happy to set up a Skype/Zoom session in lieu of in-person meeting) if you have more questions. Please stay safe, everyone, and here's a little happy moment captured on the lens, to cheer our day a little bit:

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