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Calgary Destination Wedding Photographer: Florence and Chianti, Italy

Last month I flew to Geneva (mere hours after mid-term exam the previous night!) to pick up my Austrian godmother, and took her to Italy to celebrate her 77th birthday. While in Florence, I had the opportunity to take a drawing class with a live model! Grazie mille, Emanuele!

Our Airbnb in Florence was at a former palazzo; it was spacious, tastefully decorated, and gorgeous - it even had a piano! I can't recommend it enough. I truly enjoyed waking up in the morning, opening the balcony windows to see the marvelous old town of Florence, and play the piano.

As a change of scenery, our last few days were spent around 1.5 hours from Florence - in Greve, Chianti. Giovanni, the owner of the enchanting property we stayed at, was a vivacious host who clearly was passionate about what he did.

And both Airbnbs had washing machine - that is how I can do a 2-week travel to Europe and Japan with just a carry-on suitcase :)

Photos were taken with iPhone 7 Plus.

Links to our Airbnbs:

When I left Calgary, it was snowstorm... And I was sweating in Florence! Glace au pistache/pistachio gelato to the rescue!

The building of our Florence Airbnb. The antique (but still working) elevator reminded me of Agatha Christie's Poirot series - the art deco/belle epoque style! The photo on the right is part of our palazzo. Tried to hang laundry like most Italians do, to the horror of my godmother. "Chez les Medicis, we do not hang our laundry outside!" Alrighty then!

The scenery from Piazza Michaelangelo (no, we did not hike up there.. We took taxi :p)

One does not visit Florence if one does not go to Ponte Vecchio.

The drawing class near Ponte Vecchio.

At Uffizi gallery, she paid extra attention to Botticelli. I love spending time with people so cultured and knowledgeable.

The duomo on the right is Siena's. I had a little deja vu; then I remembered one of my favourite movies by Dame Maggie Smith, 'My House in Umbria', also had shots done at this Siena Duomo! I sat on the marble seat and reminisced the lovely scenes from the movie.

Our hayloft in Chianti. Godmother did not take advantage of the pool, but simply lounging in the sun instead.

Siena. According to my godmother, the terracotta colour is typical of Siena.

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