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Calgary Destination Wedding Photographer: Japan Trip

There is so much story behind every photo (and I took over 500 photos) from Japan. All I can say here is that it's a country I will come back to!

In a week, I visited Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Of course, I went to see Harry Potter's World in Osaka. And few of the ancient shrines and temples in Kyoto (too bad we missed the maiko (geisha apprentice) and Geiko (geisha in Kyoto dialect) in Kyoto's legendary Gion district). But we did have an absolutely delish kaiseki (similar to tasting menu in the western world, but this is typically from Kyoto) at Gion Nanba; the service was wonderfully discreet and total new experience!

If you are looking for a very chic, efficient, strategically-located, and absolutely affordable accommodation in Kyoto, check this out: (compare the prices on 3rd party booking sites - I got mine for less than CA$ 30/night!)

Public transportation is fantastically efficient and affordable. When taking a train trip from one city to another, do try ekiben.

Photos were taken with iPhone 7 Plus.

This area of Kyoto would look ethereally beautiful when it's the season of the sakura (cherry blossom). We saw some Ume starting to bloom.

The rickshaw drivers apparently were great at multitasking as photographers as well! :)

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