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Down the Memory Lane: A Week in Switzerland and France

Last-minute trip in February to visit the beloved godmother in Evian, France (approximately 30 minutes from the Swiss border).

All photos were taken with iPhone 7 Plus :)

The view from my room at the godmother's place. Across the lake Geneva it is the Swiss Riviera.

Visiting the medieval castle in Montreux, Chillon Castle. I lived for 4 years close to this magnificent historical building, but had never visited it during my stay there!

And of course when in Switzerland.... go to a cheese shop! But in my case, I was there for one mission only: the Botterens meringue and the one and only Gruyere double cream. Truly my most favourite dessert in the universe. That is what desserts must taste like in heaven...

And my French teacher (from 15 years ago!) drove me back to this very place, where I left part of my heart (and soul). My school (much like Harry Potter's Hogwarts! A castle in the mountains).

The view from my teacher's balcony, overlooking Lake Geneva. Evian is right across the lake.

Had the most delightful, nostalgic day with amazing people that day. My heart felt an abundance of gratitude for having met them and for having the adventures that I had; wouldn't have chosen a different path even if I could. My mind was restless, wanting to put in writing all the wonderful chats and feelings I had that day, and all the generosity and kindness beyond measure these people showed me. But my fingers did not know where to start. I had forgotten all the adrenalin rushes and warm feelings overflowing in the heart. These people once formed an integral part in my life; some of the best years in my life were spent in Switzerland. And I had forgotten how amazing the feelings are. That day I am reminded again of it all, and I am grateful beyond measure. These are some of the things that make life worthwhile. That make me feel alive.

And of course one of our dinners had to be a Swiss raclette! And Botterens meringue and Gruyere double creme as dessert!

We visited the exhibition of Hodler (a Swiss painter), Monet (one surely knows this name), and Munch (a Norwegian painter). I am deeply appreciative of people well versed in the art and culture. Not only is she a polyglotte, she was pointing at famous Monet paintings and at one point one of Munch's paintings looked a bit like Van Gogh's "Starry Night" (we both said it at the same time!). I can't express how happy and in admiration I am when I am with someone who is familiar with Rodin etc (she was the one telling about the famous sculpture "The Kiss"), and even talked to me about Chagall and other famous artists. And of course Ella Fitzgerald played in the car.

Visited Chamonix - Mont Blanc, the French Alps, which was less than 2 hours' drive from Evian.

... and to Annecy, the little Venice of Haute Savoie as well, all in less than 2 hours' drive.

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