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Calgary Destination Wedding Photographer: UK - London & Windsor

The very reason we decided to go to London again this year (3rd time in 3 years!) was because in October 2015 I managed to secure 2 tickets for Harry Potter's play!!!! I personally consider this a remarkable 'milestone' in my life. It was a brilliant play; mind-blowing to say the least. And to our surprise, while we were walking about in London's West End, we also got into Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen's play! What an honour, truly, to watch them play live at a theatre! You may know Patrick Steward as Captain Picard (Star Trek) or Professor Xavier (X Men) and Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto (X Men) or Gandalf (Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit). Our last theatre play in London ended with Agatha Christie's Mousetrap. London will always be in a special place in my heart. All photos were taken with iPhone 7 Plus. My back and shoulder thanked me, as I chose to not carry my heavy DSLR and lenses with me on this trip.

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