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Calgary Destination Wedding Photographer: Italy - Alba, Turin (Torino), and Milan

Highlights of our recent trip to Italy.

We flew to Turin, stayed there for a night, then rented a car and drove to Alba, where we stayed for 3 nights. We explored the narrow, winding roads to various wineries around Alba (Barolo, Mango, etc.). I must say it was a bit nerve-wrecking driving on a road hardly wider than your dashboard, and it was actually a two-way road! We went back to Turin for the last night, took an impulsive, last-minute train trip to Milan (our hotel in Turin was just across from the Puerto Nuevo!) - mainly because I had visited the grand opera houses in the world such as the Paris' Palais Garnier, London's Royal Opera House, but had yet to visit the Teatro alla Scala in Milan).

On this trip, I decided to not break my back and shoulder with my heavy DSLR and its lenses, so I opted to only use my iPhone to capture the photos. iPhone 7 Plus did not disappoint.

Our quirky, lovely bed and breakfast in Alba: Villa Favorita.

We dined at this 13th century castle, where the 1-star Michelin chef Marc Lanteri created magic with his food. If you are in the Piedmonte area, do make sure to make reservation to go to his restaurant! He is also a superbly humble chef; he gave us a surprise by showing up to greet us personally as we walked out of the restaurant!

La Scala theatre in Milan! Finally! Too bad I missed Le Nozze di Figaro!

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