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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Foothills Mennonite Church & Calgary Elks Lodge Golf Club - Ashley

Old world glam and elegance; those are the words that popped into my head when I saw Ashley in her wedding dress... and fur coat! :)

Yesterday I had such joy and privilege documenting Ashley and Coltin's big day. Thank you again, Ashley and Coltin, for trusting me to photograph your wedding day!

The wedding photos will be divided into 2 parts; part 2 (the reception photos) will follow shortly.

From the Couple

What are your favourite things about one another?

Coltin loves my spirituality, and I would have to say the same about him :) I love seeing how Jesus works in his life.

Where was your first date?

Our first date was at Speeders Go Karting!

Favourite thing to do together?

Coltin likes going to church with me, I love when we have our 'tea time' where we reconnect and talk about things going on in our lives.

Most memorable part of your wedding day?

When our first act as husband and wife was when we took communion together :)

Bridal party locations: SAIT, Memorial Drive (across from Julio Barrios), and Riley Park

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