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Calgary Wedding Photographer: SAIT Heritage Hall (MacDonald Hall & Irene Lewis Atrium) - Stacey

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From the couple:

What do you love most about each other?

Ryan: that she bakes pies....and that she is very caring, smart and gorgeous;

Stacey: his steadfast loyalty and willingness to always learn something new and improve

Tell me the story of the proposal

Stacey organized an early morning photo shoot at Trocadero (Paris) with the Eiffel tower as the backdrop. Afterwards we walked to the Champ du Mars park, to wait for the tower to open. The park has special meaning because it is one of the photos in our house which we see everyday. It was quiet as no one else was around so Ryan laid out a blanket, went on bent knee and "popped the question"

What was your first date?

Running in marda loop with a coffe on the Starbucks patio after

What’s your favourite thing to do together?

Have breakfast

What was the most memorable part of the wedding day?

Watching Stacey walk down the aisle/ walking down the aisle and the first dance which we worked so hard on and went off perfectly!

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