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Calgary Wedding Photographer: St. Mary's Cathedral & SAIT Heritage Hall - Stacey & Ryan

Gold and glitters. Romantic and glamorous. Classic and elegant.

Last Saturday's wedding of Stacey and Ryan was an absolute honour to shoot. When I saw the locations and details of the wedding, my heart jumped (including her Grace Kelly-inspired wedding cap veil and the fact that she had songs from Phantom of the Opera and the very song from the wedding of Prince Frederik of Denmark play at the church - what are the chances that we both knew and love these songs?! Phantom of the Opera is my favourite musical ever and Handel's song has a very special place in my heart. I had goosebumps when I heard the latter song; it instantly brought me back to the Danish royal wedding... and I felt I was a shooting a Calgary royal wedding!) .

The groom and his bestmen in their tailcoats, the bridesmaids in glittering gold top and tulle dress, the guests in suits and fascinators, and the radiant bride in a classic wedding dress. Just like a Royal wedding, or a glamorous wedding from yesteryear. The perfect wedding to my taste :)

Stacey is one of the most organized brides I've met. Check out their wedding website and you will get the idea: WeddingWire. From accommodation arrangements to where the ladies could buy their fascinators, all well laid out.

It is astonishing how my path and my brides' have crossed along my wedding photography journey. Stacey and Ryan got engaged in Paris (and took fabulous engagement photo shoot in the city of light), and I spent 4 years in the French-speaking region of Switzerland and I consider it my 2nd home. And then both Stacey and I have similar taste in music (from the song choice at the church to the cocktail and reception - by the way, people from old to young all thoroughly enjoyed the music on the dance floor (Ellen Doty and her band was amazing to say the least!). This was quite rare as usually the music at wedding dance floor tends to cater more to the younger crowd). Oh, and Stacey and Ryan's first dance was the most unique I had encountered: instead of the traditional wedding dance, they opted for medieval-like dance (sort of the dance one would watch on The Tudor or from Elizabeth I). And I thought I was the only person crazy enough to dream for that in this day and age!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Stacey and Ryan, for the opportunity and the trust in documenting your gorgeous wedding. I sincerely wish you both tout le bonheur du monde!

*** more photos can be found on part 2

About the couple:

  • We met at the University of Calgary and began dating in July 2012

  • We are both engineers

  • We have a kitty cat named Wrangler (or Mangie)

  • Ryan is an Aries, Stacey is a Virgo ...

  • We have traveled together to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Vancouver Island, Banff/Lake Louise, Kelowna, Vancouver, Lethbridge, Paris, Edmonton, Thailand, Regina, Jamaica, Mexico (Mazatlan & Cancun-area), Toronto ... with many more on our list to see!

  • They journeyed through RCIA at St. Mary's Cathedral in 2014-2015

  • Our Engagement occurred in Paris on June 30, 2015!

  • You can just call us "The Dears"

  • They are each other's biggest fans!!!​


Bride's dress and veil alterations: Sew or Die

Groom's suit: Moore's

Flowers: Lil Mam

Cocktail and Reception: SAIT Heritage Hall (Macdonald Hall and Irene Lewis Atrium) - my newly-found favourite spot/venue for photos in Calgary! It is like Calgary's own Downton Abbey

Photo locations: Begin Residence Tower at SAIT (getting ready), Alberta Ballet, Central Memorial Park, the cloister at the Bay downtown, Stephen avenue downtown, the couple's place in Marda Loop (with Wrangler the cat!), Heritage Hall at SAIT

Make up artist: Eye Candi Beauty

Videographer: Glass Films

Catering: SAIT Events

Wedding photographer: Raraa Photography

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