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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Country Wedding in A Barn - Abaigeal & Darren

I am at loss for words to describe yesterday's wedding in Buffalo, AB (a ghost town, approximately 3.5 hours drive from Calgary) - to describe the couple, especially. It took place at Abaigeal's family farm (can it get more authentic and rustic than that? Rustic charm at its best!); they transformed the barn into a beautiful wedding venue. Abaigeal and Darren really looked like a match made in heaven; a pair absolutely made for each other. Hard to not look at them and see all the love and happiness radiating from both of them.

It was also the first time I took some creative wedding sparklers photos and I thank Abaigeal to give me the challenge and trust; I love learning new techniques!

What a delight and privilege to capture their wedding reception day. Thank you again, Abaigeal and Darren, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Videographer: Dream Strong Media

Hair and make up: Abaigeal's best friend, Kirsten Jensen

Food: Abaigeal's mom, Maggie Gamble, Abaigeal's aunt, Tilly Gamble, Abaigeal's uncle, Brent Altwasser

Lighting rentals: Starlite Rentals

Chairs, tables, linens, chair covers: Grand Rental Station

Flowers: Costco

Decoration: Darren, Abaigeal's mom, Maggie, and Abaigeal

Wedding Photographer: Raraa Photography

You can also view the photos on our Facebook page: Abaigeal & Darren's Album.

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