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Calgary Wedding Photographer - Jimmy & Anna

Anna is another best friend of mine whom I've known for 18 years now. We were all from the same class (with Senda and Liliany) back at St. Louis I Catholic High School in Surabaya. The school had put us in an 'special class' with different teachers etc., all because each of us in that particular class had had an average of 90+ out of 100 from the Junior HIgh School national exam. At first I thought I would be in a class full of competitive nerds/geeks, but it turned out to be the most awesome class ever! I had some of the most amazing memories with these girls. We each had our own character and personality, and they were quite different from one another. Yet, we stay as best friends despite the years and the distance (even if some of us live continents apart).

There were time when we would collectively arrived late at school (if I recall correctly, school started at 6.45 AM?) due to our aerobic exercise at Catherine's house (just across from the school) right when the bell for the morning prayer rang. So all of us girls were sitting on the main staircase (with our stereo boombox), listening to the morning prayer on the speaker, after having been let in by the Physical Education teacher (thankfully he did not put us in detention!). And we actually loved going to the mass at the church next door from our school (it is adjacent, really), because for us it meant 'free time out of the classroom' and we would finish it eating the soto ayam (traditional chicken soup) before going back to the class. When Anna and Senda took the etiquette/personality development class at JRP, they tried to teach me how to properly eat (European style) etc...... but using the Indonesian traditional chicken soup (soto ayam) as example. That was too hilarious.

We took photos of Jimmy and Anna at the national hospital in the west of Surabaya. The new hospital looked like a shopping mall! :O And kudos to the make up artist. I think she went above and beyond her duties. She stayed late throughout the shoot, to retouch the make up and to help with Anna's dress etc.

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