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Banff Wedding Photographer - Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding Venue

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding
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Being a Fairmont's President Club's Platinum member has wonderful perks; one of them is free stays at their hotels. We took advantage of it during the Daylight Saving weekend and it was absolutely one of our best weekend getaways ever. Everything was perfect, really. From the suite upgrade, to the delicious dinner at their Italian restaurant, to the best deep tissue massage I had ever had. It was hands down the most relaxing weekend we've ever had in a very long time.

The view from our suite: (a room with a view, indeed!)

Fairmont Banff Springs-10.jpg

Fairmont Banff Springs-11.jpg

Cute interior of the shop. Antique trunk.

Fairmont Banff Springs-7.jpg

Do you see the little trains on the ceiling of the Fairmont Banff Springs' shop? :)

Fairmont Banff Springs-8.jpg

The magnificent Mount Stephen hall. Would you want to make your wedding feel like a scene out of the Tudor's? :)

Banff Springs 4.jpg
Banff Springs 3.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-26.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-31.jpg
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Fairmont Banff Springs-34.jpg

There is something about the hot chocolates at the Fairmont hotels... Be it at the Fairmont Montebello, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, or Fairmont Banff Springs, I can never resist it.

Fairmont Banff Springs-33.jpg

This is one of my most favourite rooms. I can just picture scenes from Downton Abbey or period drama-styled photoshoots in this gorgeous room. The first time I saw it, I fell in love at once.

Fairmont Banff Springs-23.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-20.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-21.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-22.jpg
Banff Springs 2.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-35.jpg

What a beautiful ballroom! Reminds me of the renaissance palaces in France.

Fairmont Banff Springs-38.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-39.jpg

And step outside of the ballroom, and you find this oh-so-lovely outdoor space, perfect for any function. Outstandingly beautiful.

Fairmont Banff Springs-42.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-43.jpg

And Ange's favourite corner, of course: :)

Fairmont Banff Springs-44.jpg

At the Waldhaus restaurant, where they serve some of the best pretzels we've ever had!

Fairmont Banff Springs-47.jpg

... and finally Ange got a hold of my camera and I could get some photos of myself taken when travelling :)

Fairmont Banff Springs-48.jpg
Fairmont Banff Springs-49.jpg

And of course the hot chocolate, with extra whipped cream, bitte! :)

Fairmont Banff Springs-50.jpg

And following photos were taken with Iphone. Waking up at 9 am on a Sunday morning to rush to the Willow Stream Spa for an outdoor hot pool with the most breathtaking view was definitely worth it.

Willow Stream Spa 1.jpg

Willow Stream Spa 2.jpg

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