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Montreal Wedding Photographer - Strolling in Downtown Montreal: Mary, Queen of the World Church, Chr

"I will confess my partisanship. I love Montreal. It's my favourite place in Canada. The people who live there are tough, crazy bastards, and I admire them for it. Toronto and Vancouver, I love you, but not like Montreal." ~ Anthony Bourdain

In accordance with Bourdain, I, too, love Montreal. This song from Lara Fabian perfectly embodies my feelings of the city, more importantly, the province (yes, yes, I am aware of its mafia-infested construction industry, the potholes, etc. But on the note of the higher income tax, I can only say I'd personally much prefer to pay higher income taxes and have VERY affordable childcare and education etc.)

In October, we wandered mostly in the old Montreal; but this time, because we are staying at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth/Fairmont Queen Elizabeth (not sure why it is 'le reine' instead of 'la reine'), we mostly walked around our hotel's neighbourhood in downtown Montreal.

Mary, Queen of the World cathedral is located just across from Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. To read more about this cathedral, click here.

Montreal Dec 2014-28.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-62.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-33.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-41.jpg

This altar is modeled after the one in Vatican.

Montreal Dec 2014-43.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-48.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-54.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-53.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-51.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-58.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-218.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-219.jpg

And the below photos are from the Christ Church cathedral. To read more about this cathedral, click here.

Montreal Dec 2014-65.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-64.jpg

and we had the very pleasant surprise to find a flutist and pianist rehearsing (free little concert! Yay!):

Montreal Dec 2014-78.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-83.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-81.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-101.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-97.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-89.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-66.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-211.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-212.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-215.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-216.jpg

And some of our hotel, from our beloved Fairmont Hotels chain:


Always a lovely little surprise awaiting in our room, in any Fairmont hotel...

Montreal Dec 2014-104.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-107.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-217.jpg

and they do have a very popular Sunday brunch! Not to be missed when you have a chance (and reservations are hard to get, so reserve early!)

Montreal Dec 2014-177.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-179.jpg
Montreal Dec 2014-180.jpg

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