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The 37th Autumn Gold Curling Classic

From their website: "Hosted by the Calgary Curling Club, this is the 1st stop for the women's grand slam events. This 32-team event boasts a total prize purse of $50,000 and teams from across the world. This year's bonspiel runs from October 10-13th, 2014."

The first time I ever watched curling was on TV during the Sochi Winter Olympic 2014. Canada brought in gold from both the women and men curling teams! (and both our hockey teams, too!). At first I thought it would be a dragging game. I was hooked in in no time! I even happily woke up at wee hours to watch them live during the Winter Olympic. If their game was not shown on TV, then I streamed it from the Olympic's site and connect it to our big screen. :) :) :)

I was super excited to finally see Jennifer Jones, Dawn McEwen, Jill Officer, and Kaitlyn Lawes, live. Sooo happy to see them win! :)

Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-39.jpg
Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-4.jpg
Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-6.jpg
Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-14.jpg
Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-24.jpg
Autumn Gold Classic Curling 2014-30.jpg

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