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Throwback Thursday: 2012 Viennese Ball

"The waltz can be sad and at the same time uplifting. You have to see life from both sides, and the waltz encapsulates that. If you're in my audience you give yourself to me and the waltz will grab you."

~ Andre Rieu

I started to know more about Viennese Ball in 2002 while living in Europe and then in 2003, I wrote on my Friendster's page (looong before Facebook), that one of my wildest dreams was to waltz the night away at a Viennese Ball. Ever since, life had taken me to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany, South of France and back to Switzerland, before landing in Canada. In 2012, despite my age (!!!), I finally had the chance to wear that white ballgown, to sweep the dancing floor at a Viennese Ball. It was truly a one-of-a-lifetime experience. No words ever suffice to describe the experience. I am truly grateful.

These photos were not taken by me, naturally, as I was dancing :).

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Viennese Ball of Montreal
Viennese Ball Waltz
White tie event ball

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