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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Persian Wedding at Pinebrook Golf & Country Club - Soudabeh &

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Important tip for the wedding day: wedding couples, you will be busy with a day packed with actions from morning until night, and it will be half day if not more from the time you get ready until the time you sit down for dinner. It is ESSENTIAL that you bring snack and drinks in the car/limo to eat during photo shoots. Or, you can also have one of the groomsmen bring you a glass of water and cold cuts, so we won't have a hangry bride! :D

When the bridal party entered the reception, they all danced on the dance floor. The wedding couple then arrived, did their rounds of greeting the guests, and then proceeded to take the centre stage and dance, surrounded by their guests, who eventually got closer and joined the dance. It seems that they all have dancing in their blood! And can they dance!

Even though the wedding couple was so immersed in the joy of dancing, I had to pull them away to take advantage of the golden hour, just before sunset! Especially as things were really compacted earlier that we did not have enough time for couple portraits, I was very happy the rain stopped and we had a gorgeous sunset!

More dancing!

The father-daughter dance.

The mother-son dance.

And here comes the Knife Dance. The below info is from

Raghsé Chaghoo (Knife Dance)

When it comes time to cut the cake, guests take turns 'stealing' the knife that is set for cutting the cake. They take turns dancing with the knife and collecting 'ransom money' from the couple. The knife is passed from woman to woman, each showing off her dancing skills, while the couple try to buy the knife with increasing sums of money.

When the right price has been paid (generally after a couple songs and several different dancers), the knife is finally handed over to the groom and he slices the cake. Pieces of cake are then handed out to all the guests.

Dancing and Merrimaking

Dancing is a big part of any Persian wedding, and it’s common for all guests to take to the dance floor until wee hours of the morning to help celebrate the occasion.

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