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Calgary Lake Louise Wedding Photographer: Engagement Session in Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Bow L

Yesterday I was in Lake Louise, shooting the engagement session of Emily and Alan, who came all the way from Toronto and New York respectively. Emily had lived in Japan for 10 years prior to moving to Toronto, and Alan has been living in various cities from the west coast to the east coast. I have admiration and great respect for people who live in different places (as I've moved around continents myself, and can relate to how as a person the experience itself changes you. People from your home town may stay the same, but when you go back and meet them again, you know you've changed).

My heart always sings with joy whenever I get to capture the love of such kind-hearted couple. Superbly cooperative and delightfully friendly; I could not ask for a better cute couple to shoot! And did we have luck with the weather! The day before the shooting, it had been raining, and right after our session, the snow started to fall down hard and it got gloomy quickly. Emily and Alan, thank you for trusting me to photograph your love, and ganbatte for the wedding planning! :D

Our engagement story:

We got engaged in April, right before our trip to Europe. I totally thought it would happen there but Alan wanted to make sure my parents were there to see the moment. In hindsight that was such a sweet act, I saw the happiness and joy in my parents' face seeing their daughter engaged. They decorated the basement of our house together with candle lights stating "Marry Me?", and hid under the basement until I got back from work and proposed! I was totally surprised but managed to say "yes!" I am so happy I am marrying the man of my dreams!

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