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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Engagement Session at Rundle Ruins and Bow River - Nancie & Victor

'Twas a beautiful day yesterday (no rain; yay!) for the engagement session of Nancie and Victor. We went first to Rundle Ruins Park, followed by the Bow River (by the Simmons building/Char Bar). No rain, no storm, no dark clouds. We lucked out! Victor is a piano teacher (no stickers, though... hahaha...) and they got engaged after cards and star gazing.

I look forward to their wedding next year. I've attended my best friends' Chinese wedding ceremonies where you have tea ceremonies etc., but this time it will be the 1st time I will be photographing it. Can hardly wait. Thank you for the trust, Nancie and Victor!

Nancie - the Spiderwoman! :D

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