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Wedding Photo Venues/Locations in Calgary in Case of Rain

This summer in Calgary has been a very erratic one, with rain/thunderstorm almost every weekend, and in almost all of my summer weddings. For your backup plan, here are few places in Calgary that I recommend taking your photos at in case it rains: (please note that most of these places require booking in advance and a photography permit fee - which the clients are to obtain)

The Bay's Cloister

It is still 'outdoor', but 'sheltered', so I cannot recommend this enough. Plus, I love the creamy colour of the building and the classic checkerboard tiles. Remind me of Versailles. View blog post here.

Devonian Garden

Please check whether it is already over the construction period. It's a beautiful indoor garden (the only indoor garden in downtown Calgary), but I'd highly suggest to take photos during the day so as to take advantage of the natural light vs the yellowish spot lights when it gets darker. You will also need to book in advance and pay for the photography permit fee.

Lougheed House

A gorgeous heritage house in Calgary; it has both indoor and outdoor space for your wedding. Keep in mind you'd need to book in advance (if you are not getting married there) and pay for photography permit to use their property.

Peace Bridge

It is still 'outdoor', so you get that beautiful light, but sheltered. Park by Q Haute restaurant. This one does not need a permit! :)

Heritage Park

There are some venues at the Heritage Park that are good options for indoor photos (also those houses with rather big patio where you can still be 'outdoor' but sheltered. Be aware that you will need to book in advance and pay for a permit. View blog post here.


Both the parking lot (cool modern concrete structures with big glass windows) and at the Irene Lewis atrium (lots of windows and natural light goodie!) at SAIT are some of my favourites for indoor photos. View blog post here.


You can always embrace the rain! Here are few options:

1. Bring rain boots and umbrella (up to you; transparent or white or black or colourful ones!) - it can be fun to take photos in the rain! Bring a coat or warm shawl for the in-between shoots, so you don't freeze.

2. Wait out until the downpour is done, and quickly take photos! Like this wedding at the Confederation Park. It was raining cats and dogs, so we took shelter in this tunnel (this photo was taken at the tunnel when it was raining cats and dogs!) and ran out to snap photos when it started to drizzle. View blog post here.

The photo below was taken when it rained lightly at the Glencoe Golf & Country Club. The bride insisted to keep the ceremony outdoor (the venue does have an indoor option with big glass windows for the ceremony, FYI), and it paid off! Cloudy days are best for photos as you don't get direct sunlight that make your eyes squint and create panda eyes (shadow under your eyes) - and the details on your wedding dress won't be blown out! View blog post here.

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