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Calgary Wedding Photographer: 15th Wedding Anniversary with Pretty Country/Rustic/Boho Theme - Amand

Last Saturday I had the honour to capture the 15th wedding anniversary of Amanda and Justin in Sundre, Alberta. What a stunning place! Amanda and Justin pulled off a super charming DIY party with details that are so Pinterest-worthy! I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Thank you, Amanda and Justin, for trusting me to capture these moments!

From the Couple:

For vendors we don't have many as given my background as the Manager of Events at the Calgary Stampede I have looked after most details myself. I would say 80% of the decor I made myself.

Flowers: Costco

Tents/Tables/Chairs: Superior Show Services

Invitations/Printed Materials: Vistaprint

Venue: Our friends private family acreage in Sundre, AB

Dress: Primrose Lane (Which was a wonderful little bridal store in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia that I happened across while on vacation.)

Alterations: Anika's Alterations and Custom Design (Anika is located in Cochrane and is absolutely wonderful! I came back from vacation with this amazing dress with a very unique lace and she was able to have it ready for me within 5 business days).

For the idea/theme of the day, we are going for a very pretty, understated country feel (not so much traditional country if that makes sense). I have also worked in my love for crocheting into the decor by crocheting center pieces, string art signs and other decor. We are going for lots of texture which adds a bit of the boho theme as well.

Their are two mains ideas that lead us to the decision to have this celebration:

(1) To thank all our family and friends who have supported our marriage throughout the years. We got married very young, still in university and then moved around a bit after that. Most of the friends we have now and that have supported us over the last 15 yrs we didn't know when we got married. Of the 50 guests attending only 4 were at our original wedding. This is our opportunity express our greatest thanks to those who have helped us along the way.

(2) To celebrate how lucky we are - we got married young and we loved each other completely but when you are that young you don't know what twists and turns life will send your way. We have been lucky enough to learn and grown together over the last 15 yrs and we work hard at never taking anything for granted. We think it is important to celebrate this accomplishment and how our love is so much different now. We also want to set an example for our boys that love, marriage, family and friends are something you should treasure and celebrate - life goes by so fast and finding a positive reason to bring loved ones together to celebrate is worthwhile.

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