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Photo Book

After over a year of trials and ordering various photo books with different companies (and spent quite a bit of $$$$$ that could have probably gone into a nice trip), I can now finally see I found a photo book company that ticks off all my requirements:

* Sturdy and well-padded packaging for mailing

* Simple yet classy presentation box

* Flush mount

* No gutter!

* No spotty ink dots (common in press-printed books)

--- but first and foremost, best print quality with colours true to what are on my computer screen.

I could not contain my happiness as I opened the box. A year was not a short time for photo book hunting. Every time I got a photo book, my excitement quickly evaporated as I saw the inferior printing quality, the flimsy pages, and just the overall cheap look. I was looking for a photo book that would not cost thousands of dollars, but would not look cheap. Inexpensive is not the same as cheap. Cheap is actually expensive because you spend money for something you will regret later on. After the wedding cake is eaten and the champagne is popped, really, your only tangible souvenir from the big day is your photography. I am ecstatic to say that I've finally found a photo book that reflects my brand; something that I'm proud of when I deliver it to my clients.

When you book a package with a photo book with us, once the photos are ready, I will send the proof for your review, and once it is all agreed to, it will take around 4-5 weeks until you receive it. Each book/album is presented in a gift box.

We offer the following options for photo book/photo album:

Photo book/album with customized cover (your photo). This is the default (8"x10", 50 sides/pages - 25 spread. Additional spreads available at extra cost). I like to put a minimum number of photos per spread; this makes the book/album look more editorial.

Photo book/album with debossed leather cover (different colours available; most popular: black, white, royal red, navy blue). It is 8"x10" with 25 spreads/50 sides, at an extra cost of $100 for both the leather cover AND the premium silk paper (thicker and less sheen vs the default photographic paper) over the default photo book/album. So if you purchase it as part of a bundle/package, it will be $100 additional to your package price.

The preferred layout is portrait as it shows the panoramic photos beautifully on a spread without being 'too short'. However, I am also happy to offer landscape layout should you wish. Currently we only offer 8"x10" size and you will get a minimum of 50 pages/sides - approximately 25 spreads. I believe this number to be what it takes to tell your story beautifully. Less than this number, and there is something amiss in curating your wedding day. And of course you can always add extra spreads!

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