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To A Calgary Wedding Photographer

To you, whom I notice that you've written blog posts that:

* are similar to mine, just few days after I posted mine (I feel flattered, by the way! :) I truly do)

* take ideas, structure of the article, and even same words from either my blog or other people's (that I always credit or provide link to whenever I use their wisdom) without providing any credit (not even a link to where you got them from); I could see it clearly on the second photographer's article - should at least give credit to Ten2Ten in Toronto who wrote the article

... at least give credit. Do unto others as what you would like to be done unto you.

And then the rant about newbies undercutting your business. I feel sorry for you. Take a deep breath and relax. Being bitter and spiteful will not bring more business your way, even if you don't have any bad intention. If I were a client and I saw my vendor wrote something like that, I would be put off. If a client in the end goes with another photographer, I always think that they are not for me in the first place. If they really want to book with me because they love my work etc., they would do so, even if other photographers would counter-offer with lower price. No need to worry about the unethical ones. And the clients that only focus on price, not quality. They would not be your ideal clients anyway. There is a photographer for every client and vice versa.

Here are some good readings from few established photographers. Love how they are objective and humble.

Love Adrian Farr's comment:

"...if they truly think a cheaper or newer photographer will take work away from them. A five star restaurant is not going to get all worked up because there is a McDonald's opening up across the street. Here is what I say to those kind of photographers. Innovate or die. Learn to adapt. The photography industry is an ever changing playground, and remember you too were an amateur/new photographer once. Now just because a client might choose a cheaper photographer over you, doesn't mean that photographer is taking business away from you, they were never going to be your client in the first place if price was their deciding factor. There is a photographer for every budget."

"...In today's market if you don't make yourself unique then you are selling a commodity and you will be forced to compete on price. So when someone claims that another person is "undercutting" them what they are really admitting is that they are selling a commodity and that the only thing they know how to compete on is price. They're dead in the water.... My advice is to never compete on price..and if you are complaining about somebody undercutting you then you are competing on price and you're probably already well on your way to being out of business."

Now don't worry and let's be happy, folks! :D


At Harrods' Laduree

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