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Calgary & Montreal Wedding Photographer - Labour Weekend Last Minute Trip - Old Port, Old Montre

Last Friday at lunch time, I decided to go to Montreal for the labour day long weekend, and bought plane ticket for departure at 11 pm that day. It was really a last-minute trip, but another unforgettable one nevertheless.

Even when I lived in Ontario, I had visited Montreal few times, and after I left Montreal and moved to Calgary, I had also visited it few times. I consider it my home, really. Some of these places I had already visited, some I had not. Regardless, it is always a pleasure strolling around this beautiful city.

My other blog posts on Montreal:

My friend Finel took me to the World Trade Centre (it was my first time!).

And there was a piece of the Berlin wall...

At Palais des Congres.

At the Bonsecours chapel.

The YUL EAT food festival at the old port.

An authentic pizza oven inside the food truck!

And of course, I needed my dose of foie gras!

Finel practising his singing? :D

Darn seagulls!

On Sunday evening, I drove to Mont-Tremblant for the music festival - first and foremost to watch Angele Dubeau live! No question I would change any plan to go see her. What a gem.

And on Monday before going back to YYC, I tried Scandinave Spa in Mont-Tremblant. Gorgeous location and scenery, but the constant surveillance and 'enforcement' of the complete silence rule by the 'silence police' was overdone. I totally agree for the need for serenity for relaxation, but to not even be able to whisper to your friend (for simple things like asking if they'd go to the other pool - nothing loud at all! And the sound of the waterfalls were much louder. Nobody else at the pool could hear us) without being hushed constantly by staff members, it was absolutely not my cup of tea.

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