Calgary Wedding Photographer: Wedding Sparklers

May 31, 2015

More details on the result with some wedding sparklers photos can be found here:


Tonight at twilight, I ran some tests with sparklers.  As usual, Ange was the subject of my trials :D. 


So on the photo below, she moved a bit, hence the blur.  It is very crucial to let the couple know to stand absolutely still for around 13 seconds. 



On the photo below, she was more still, but I will try to do other trials on tricks to eliminate the in-and-out trails.  I most likely will try to bring a glass of water with me, and turn the sparklers off right after I was done with the shape. 


The phone below taught me to pay extra attention on the shape, and especially to leave a gap in front of the subject so that the face can be clearly seen on the camera.  



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