Calgary Family Photographer - Senda & Iwan

May my friendships always be The most important thing to me With special friends I feel I'm blessed, So let me give my very best. I want to do much more than share The hopes and plans of friends who care; I'll try all that a friend can do To make their secret dreams come true. Let me use my heart to see, To realise what friends can be, And make no judgements from afar, But love my friends the way they are.

~ Jill Wolf

Senda is one of my best friends, and I've known her for 18 years now. When I sat next to her in our final year of science in high school, when all our friends were talking about their career ambitions and future dreams (or even unsure of what they would like to do in the future like many of us), she calmly, happily said with conviction that her dream was to marry and be a good mother to her children.

When I was in Switzerland and during my first few years in Ontario, she was whom I would go to for advice. She is wise beyond her years, and I still remember the book written by a Tibetan Buddhist monk (that she helped translate) that she handed to me at the airport as I was leaving Surabaya, and that very book helped me go through some turbulent times in my life. Like a sister I never had, she was beyond mad when someone hurt me, and over ecstatic when I was happy. But she would not hesitate to give me a kick in the behind if she thought I needed one. I still remember all the letters she sent to me... all beautiful memories.

I was so excited to capture her family. She was really in her happiest element when she was surrounded by her husband and kids. The air of happiness was just so wonderful.

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