Calgary Family Photographer - Liliany & Albert

So when I was in Surabaya, I had my best friends lining up for family photos :D

Liliany is one of my best friends I've known for 18 years now, and although she is not known for being the most decisive of our friends (:D), we love her dearly and I managed to squeeze her in on a Saturday after Anna's photo shoot. A talented pianist, I tried to ask her to be my piano teacher, but our classes usually ended up with me fooling around (she is usually quite a stern piano teacher, but I guess with me it did not work ;)) and asking her to go to the mall and grab some bubble tea instead :). Real progress there.

There were times where I would wake up to join Lili and her mother at 6 AM for a workout. Also a time when we would sing our hearts out at a karaoke, or a local cafe Jendela (which does not exist anymore). But throughout it all, I am very grateful to have best friends who not only love me the way I am, but also deeply care for each other. We would bring each other's favourite food to each other's house, especially when one is sick/visiting etc. I am also very thankful that Lili's mother likes to ask me, whenever I am in Indonesia, if I'd like her to cook my favourite food (she cooks some really mean Ifumie!). Both Lili and her mom usually send me my favourite spiku cake to my parents' house in Surabaya when I am in town. I can never have words adequate to express my gratitude for having such great friends.

It's always a delight to see these cute babies of my best friends' whenever I am in Indonesia. In few years' time, they will change a lot, and so it was really something for me to capture them.

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