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Calgary Wedding Photographer: Aalya & Junaid - Pakistani Wedding

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven" ~ George Bernard Shaw

Last weekend I had the privilege and pleasure of documenting the wedding of this fun, loving couple, in Chestermere, just on the outskirt of Calgary. This was my first Pakistani wedding and it was very interesting to find similarities to other Asian weddings I had been to.

Aalya's and Junaid's family members from around the globe connected and participated on the special day through Skype. This was one of those moments that I am truly thankful for technology bringing people closer and involved despite the physical distances. When my own parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and when my nephews were born and I was oceans apart, far away in Ontario, then Quebec, I was grateful and happy that I could somehow, albeit virtually, be part of that special day. It was moving for me to watch they interact with their family members across the world.

There were also lots of little kids. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well these little children surely are surrounded by so many people who love them dearly! :)

Congratulations again, Aalya & Junaid!

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