Curling - Continental Cup 2015 at the Calgary Olympic Park

So today we went to the curling continental cup (after Maria Prytz had told me via her blog that she would be there!). Apologies for the lower quality on the photos; I only had the 135 mm lens with me and my seat was not located as closely as I wanted to be, to get the best photos. Of course the official sports photographers with their huge lenses beat me 1000x :) On a side note: Thomas Ulsrud is one hot, photogenic man! Oh my... some eye candy there. :)

The highlight of the game was when team Ulsrud pulled down their pants and danced their way back to pull them back up! :)

Eve Muirhead from team Europe chatting with Jill Officer from team Canada.

Team Jennifer Jones, the Olympic 2014 gold medallists.

Caught Maria Prytz getting some hairdo right there! :) They were waaay across the curling rink; so far away. With my 135 mm, this was the best I could get.

Eve Muirhead is one very interesting young curler.

Team Canada!

... and on our way back home, it started to snow heavily. I found it pretty; and this scene at our local gas station somehow reminded me of Catherine Deneuve's 1964 musical: "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg". Click here to view the video clip. A classic. <3

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