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Unique Wedding Flower Bouquet: Dendrobium Orchids

This time, last year. Probably a very unusual choice for a flower bouquet, but Dendrobium orchids hold a dear place in my heart. My grandfather, who was a famous radiologist and one of the founders of the city's first non-profit foundation for cancer, was very passionate about orchids. He even bred a special orchid and named it after my beloved grandmother (found "Dendrobium Nyonya Asmino" on Google).

But in his last years of life, wanting to help others fight cancer and doing research and experiments on his own body, he took out ALL the orchids in his garden and replaced them with medicinal plants/a variety of herbs. Thus in my heart, there was nothing but the obvious choice when it came to flowers. Photo credit to Sarah Vaughn Photography; we love her work!

dendrobium orchids unique wedding bouquet.jpg
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