Calgary Unique Wedding Venue: The Lougheed House

Lougheed House somehow makes me think of a little Downton Abbey in Calgary. Not as big as Casa Loma in Toronto nor other historical buildings in Montreal (two other cities where I previously lived in), but very chaming. So charming in fact, that I cross my fingers that I will soon shoot a wedding there. I can just picture different scenes around the house and the garden, where we can have the effect of classic romantic movies or even Downton Abbey!

Beautiful big windows all over the house, gorgeous mouldings; it is simply the perfect venue in Calgary to have a classic, artistic bridal/wedding photo shoot! We will definitely come back for a brunch or dinner! There are many corners where I can imagine taking stunning photos in. This place just tickles my imaginations; it also makes me think of scenes from Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot's movie and other old, classic movies that are simply timeless.

Tim, the lady at the gift shop, was one of the most cultured people I have met in Calgary. We talked about the Celts, Gustav Klimt, etc. What a delight to have a little chat with her! She was also the one who told me about the metal brass hinges, so I quickly went back upstairs to photograph them!

More photos on our Facebook page.

Update 10 September 2014:

So happy that it was posted on Lougheed House's official Facebook page and had nice reviews!

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