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Calgary Wedding Photographer - Riley Park's Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden Wedding: Rhonda &

​This was the most "last-minute wedding" I had ever done. I had been told of the time and venue just less than 24 hours of the ceremony time. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful wedding. It always moves me when I see people, having been together and going through a lot of things together for so many years, finally tie the knot. Rhonda and Wayne were surrounded by their parents, daughters, family members, and friends. What a nice surprise to meet again Tamara, who also was the officiant at Kelly's and Monique's wedding last month.

Luckily despite the forecast, it did not rain. I had parked on the wrong side of the park so had to walk across with a heavy backpack full of lenses! Sorting and editing done in 1 day! Happy day :)

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