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Check our pricing page.  For $2,500, you can have up to 10 hours of coverage.  Approximately 700-1,000 edited high-res files included. Value without compromising quality.


We may have the quickest turnaround!  Most of our couples have their final high-res files in ~2 weeks after their wedding!  Blog posts with ~20-80 photos are usually up within a week right after your big day!

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"We do not remember days
                     we remember moments"


my inspirations


Hampton Court


Orient Express Belmond

Orient Express - I can see Poirot solving the murder mystery!

hampton court

Gorgeous window light

montreal viennese ball

Viennese Ball

Oxford Stairs Harry Potter

Oxford and Harry Potter. Because Snape!

oxford church orchestra rehearsal

Wandering in foreign lands and stumbling upon concert rehearsals


about me

R A R A   A S M A R A D E W I

I am a Calgary wedding photographer who loves to combine candid/photojournalistic approach and natural posing in my photography.  


The emotions; the stolen kiss, the laughter, and the candid tears, not just the pretty posed images. 


I strive to constantly better my photography skills, and over time my photographs evolve, but I always aim to tell stories through timeless beautiful and meaningful images.  Classic is always in style.

My life from birth until now (travels excluded!) has been spread across Asia (Indonesia and Japan), Europe (Switzerland), Middle East (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), US (New York), and Canada (Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary).  I am happy and proud to call myself a Canadian, and after years of living in various countries, I am currently based in Calgary with easy access to the beautiful Rocky mountains.  I call Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and Indonesia home.  Interesting that all four countries' flags consist of red and white. 
I am passionate about art and culture; I was a trained classical ballet dancer with the Royal Academy of Dancing for over 10 years, and frequently performed Indonesian traditional dance at international events in Switzerland.  My love to immerse myself in different cultures led me to solitary travels in various European countries.  My penchant for art and culture also drove my last-minute trip to London and Paris merely to watch Dame Helen Mirren and David Suchet play or the Paris Opera Ballet at Palais Garnier.  I flew to London in November 2016 to watch Harry Potter's play live! 
I believe dreams do come true (one of my wildest dreams was to waltz the night away in a white ballgown at a Viennese Ball (my Austrian godmother gave me the bug!).  I wrote it down in my diary back in 2002; and despite all odds, it did come true in 2012, in Montreal!).  One of my favourite days is to watch Agatha Christie's Poirot/Miss Marple while eating homemade Swiss meringues or to draw while listening to Laura Fygi/Ella Fitzgerald/Chopin, among others.  

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

~ Aristotle

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